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Dr. 妮可·布兰德理疗店,卑尔根医疗店


妮可·布兰德,医学博士, discusses the many common causes and types of orthopedic pain and the range of treatments that bring welcome relief and promote healing.

 疼痛是我们许多人的共同问题. 事实上, 近60%的美国成年人患有背痛, 脖子, 手臂, 髋关节或其他骨科疼痛, notes a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics.

“The good news is that there are many minimally invasive treatments available to help manage pain, restore functionality and get people back to doing the activities they enjoy,妮可·布兰德说, MD, board-certified physiatrist and interventional pain management specialist at 网赌APP软件排名, 在卑尔根郡有六个办事处.

Dr. Brand discusses some of the most common types of orthopedic pain she encounters, as well as the array of effective treatments that have helped patients out of pain and back into the game of life:

  • 常见的疼痛 “我治疗的最常见的问题之一是背痛, 通常是病人过度运动的结果, 弯下腰,绷紧背, 或者以一种奇怪的姿势睡觉. Other patients have been dealing with chronic back pain for a while but end up seeing a doctor because the pain has become more problematic,” Dr. 品牌说. “Other common complaints I hear involve hip pain and shoulder pain, both of which can quickly impair our ability to do activities of daily living. 许多患者还抱怨膝盖疼痛 often caused by arthritis in older patients and sports-related injuries in younger patients. 在一般情况下, the aforementioned injuries can sometimes be resolved with physical therapy or other approaches, while others may require an MRI or X-ray to see the extent of the damage and determine the appropriate treatment.”
  • 疼痛的多种原因 “Many people are very active and their pain or injury is triggered by some form of exercise or sport,” Dr. 品牌说. “但即使他们以其他方式受伤, these individuals are very motivated to remain active and may not take the time to understand the right way to work through their injury and allow it to heal properly.” Activities of daily living also are a major source of pain, she said. “Picking kids up or playing with them on the floor can cause people to strain muscles, 铲雪也一样, 搬房子周围的东西, 甚至弯腰去洗衣服. People often engage in activities improperly in their daily life and need to be more conscious of the importance of stretching.”
  • 疼痛的类型各不相同 “我看到的疼痛类型包括肌肉拉伤, which occur when a muscle is pulled or stretched beyond where it normally wants to go, 引起炎症和暂时的疼痛,” Dr. 品牌说. “另一种是关节炎引起的疼痛, a degenerative condition that causes narrowing of the joint space or bony changes around the joints as we age. 虽然这可能在40多岁时开始发展, painful bouts of arthritis become more common among people in their 60s and older.肌腱炎是另一种常见的疼痛. 品牌对待. 肌腱炎是指肌腱发炎, 是什么把肌肉连接到骨头上, and is usually caused by repetitive movements or overuse injuries,”她说。. “Examples of tendonitis that many people are familiar with include golfer’s or tennis elbow, but other repetitive activities such as typing at a computer or carrying heavy items at work can also be culprits.”
  • 治疗方法很多 在网赌APP软件排名, 品牌已经取得了巨大的成功,一系列有效的, 最小的治疗方法, 包括:
  • 大米 这个首字母缩略词代表“休息”, 冰, 压缩, 和海拔,所有这些都可以在家里完成,” Dr. 品牌说. “休息可以锻炼肌肉, 肌腱或关节恢复, 避免再次引发疼痛, 促进康复, while 冰 helps reduce the pain and inflammation associated with an acute injury. 压缩 in the form of an Ace bandage or sleeves for various body parts helps reduce swelling and sometimes just makes the area feel better or acts as a reminder to not overdo it. Elevation helps reduce swelling by limiting the flow of fluid in the direction of the injury and letting the area drain.”
  • 抗炎药物 “Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) sold over the counter such as Advil, Aleve and others help with pain and inflammation and can be effective when taken as directed on the package or by your physician,” Dr. 品牌说.
  • 物理治疗 “理疗的最终目标是帮助你克服疼痛. The secondary goal is to address any weakness or imbalance that puts you at risk and to help prevent the injury from happening again,”医生说。. Brand, listing physical therapy as an important component of pain management. "通过物理治疗, patients will learn exercises designed to build their strength, 灵活性和平衡性. PT可以使患者获得长期的成功, and we have a network of trusted providers in the area that we refer patients to.”
  • 牙套 “牙套 help protect injured areas and enable them to rest so that they won’t hurt as much while the individual continues to engage in certain activities,” Dr. 品牌说. “膝盖的支架, 肘部, 手腕, 手甚至脚踝都很常见, and the duration of time for which patients are advised to wear them will vary depending on the activity and injury.”
  • 注射 “目标是在关节内注射, 在肌腱周围, in a muscle or in the spine is typically to help direct steroidal medication to a targeted, 局部区域有助于减轻炎症和疼痛,” Dr. 品牌说. She noted that the dosage and frequency of these injections are carefully controlled.

而上述任何一种治疗方法都可以单独使用, “one or more of them can work well together to help reduce pain, 促进愈合和增强长期成功,她补充道。.

  • 网赌APP软件排名可以提供帮助 “每个人对疼痛的容忍度都不同. 但如果你的疼痛很严重, 你正在努力参与日常生活活动, and even modifications you’re making aren’t helping you get back to doing the activities you enjoy, 该去看医生了,” Dr. 品牌说. “There are a lot of effective treatments out there and I’m very attuned to each patient’s goals and comfort level when working with them to determine their best option.”

“疼痛会让人身心俱疲, causing setbacks that can affect one’s entire life and outlook. 我的目标是恢复病人的功能, enabling them to pursue activities they love and enjoy once again,” Dr. 品牌的结论. “这就是我对成功的定义.”


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